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Send Out Custom Greeting Cards… Build Strong Customer Relationships!

Greeting Card wih Men Shaking HandsSending out custom online greeting cards to your business associates and sales leads is a new, cutting-edge, and highly effective strategy for building customer relationships. We all know this is something we should be doing but don’t. Now – the drudgery is gone and the process has been automated . So – no more excuses.

In fact, I believe it’s the best small business marketing strategy you can use. It’s also cost effective, when you consider the bang you get for your buck. It’s easier and cheaper to increase business from your existing customers than chasing new ones – although, sending cards will attract them as well.

4 Examples of Ways to Incorporate This Marketing Idea for Small Business Into Your Strategic Plan

#1 Show your customers how much you appreciate them.

Let your customers know how much you enjoyed meeting them, serving them, selling them your product, or getting their referral with a thank you card.

#2 Announce events, products and changes.

Tell your customers about what’s new with your business, whether it’s an expansion, a new product or service, a sale, etc. Keep your name in the forefront of their minds.

#3 Stay in touch with your business associates.

Send a “thinking of you” card or holiday cards at regular intervals. Or send a card that will motivate or inspire when you see that is needed. Again, you’re showing how much your customers mean to you and reminding them about you.

#4 Recognize birthdays and anniversaries.

Imagine how delighted your customer will be when they get a birthday greeting card or anniversary card from you! They’ll be touched that you remembered their personal day.

Chances are, if you were to Google “marketing idea for small business”, you could find lot of other tips that you could try. But, I’m here to tell you that very few of them are as effective and cost effective as sending a card.