Now Sending Out Cards Means Huge Savings !

We like to call it our Preferred Pricing Plan

Our online greeting card service keeps getting better & better!

We have eliminated all of the upfront charges so now it’s easier than ever to build customer relationships through a greeting card campaign.  Scheduling a series of cards to go out over a period of time is a sensible and unique way for staying top of mind with all of your customers and clients.

We now have three plans to choose from

  • Our Preferred Plan is $31 a month. This gives you 100 points per month.  A card costs 2 points or 3 points if you add a picture
  • Our Retail Plan is $9.80 a month.  This gives you 20 points per month

Our online greeting card service is more than just a greeting card & gift center;  it’s a business center too.  Thousands of people use the large mailing-list feature for their business contacts, but many just use it for holiday cards.

It’s very simple to upload a mailing list and send out social announcements, business coupons or incentives,  thank-you’s, and follow up’s – all with a personal feel.  You never again have to take the time to go to the greeting card store.  Next time, just point, click and send.  Sending out cards really is that simple .

Why not get started today!  Fill out the short form and I’ll be in touch.

1 thought on “Now Sending Out Cards Means Huge Savings !

  1. Cynthia Kelsey

    These are physical cards that you create on your computer and we print, stamp, stuff and mail them for you. You can include your own personal pictures, logos, videos and clipart in the cards. If you would like me to create a free gift account for you to try it out, I just need a physical address for your return address and your phone number to set it up. Please email that information to and I will set it up. Happy Friday!


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