Realtor Marketing Product: Postcards That Increase Referrals Dramatically !

A Realtor Marketing Product You May Want to Consider

Greeting cards and postcards are a simple, professional, and effective way for you to keep in touch with your customers. When customers feel appreciated and valued, they’ll keep doing business with you. They’ll also tell others about you.

Create a Memory

With our picture uploading feature, you can upload a picture of your client’s new home and put it on the front of a card. Better yet, take a picture of your clients in front of their new home. Or you might even send this card to a few of your client’s friends, with a note saying “Your friends just bought this new home… if you’re ever in the market for a realtor yourselves, I’m here to help you!”

How To Get A Listing

Instead of sending out the same flyers every other real estate agent sends, why not use the picture of their house on a postcard with some tips on “how to sell your home”

Keep in Touch in between Contracts

People move more often these days, so staying involved with your clients after settlement could mean they sign up with you next time around too. Or, they may pass your name on to family and friends they know who are moving. I can even share custom cards and card sending campaigns that are perfect for this purpose.

Gift your Clients with their own Card Sending Account

Set up a free gift account for them (just like the one I’ll set up for you) so they can send “We’ve moved” postcards. You can also set up a campaign card for them that contains a picture of their house and your contact information. Not only will that bring new referrals your way, your clients may decide to sign up for their own account! If you’ve signed up with the entrepreneur account ,you’ll receive the commission and residuals.  A win win for both of you!

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