We Offer a Turn Key Greeting Card & Gift Business


No Competition

No Employees

No Overhead


Online Card and Gift Business


Want your own business
Want more fun and time in your life
Want your income to increase year after year
Want a guaranteed retirement


You can combine your passion for a business of your own with touching lives and enhancing relationships in an online business from home.


A Unique Product  in the home business arena.  We offer the chance to build an online business in the $17 Billion Greeting Card business and the $100 Billion dollar gift industry – with NO product to buy or store.  How many people and businesses send cards and gifts? How’d you like to get a percentage every time they do?

Cards and gifts are REPEATEDLY PURCHASED, FREQUENTLY.  Would you like to share a percentage of that repeat business?  How many products in Network Marketing actually cost less both Wholesale and Retail?  Our greeting cards average less than $1 wholesale and $2.99 (including postage) retail.  That’s a business model Hallmark can’t beat – ever.

DISTRIBUTOR AND CUSTOMER RETENTION of over 120,000 people enrolled, we still have over 85,000 still with us, after more than 6 years.  That’s an amazing retention rate in Network Marketing – or anywhere for that matter.  You’ll see why once you experience the ease, convenience, affordability and just plain fun using our service.

Is 2014 Going to be YOUR Year in YOUR Own Business?

This is going to be a landmark year for our Greeting Card and Gift Business.  We have the best CEO in Network Marketing. His commitment to our cause, his passion and vision are unmatched. He is 5 years ahead of us.

Millions of dollars in technology have been installed in the past 12 months to prepare us for some announcements and growth like we have never seen.   In 2011, we will transform our Greeting Card Business and touch many many more people. 4 short years ago, we had no gifts or gift cards, no glossy finish, no fancy 2.0 Picture Interface and our company was doing about 500,000 cards per year.

Today we are a State of the Art’ Technology Company that sent over 600,000 cards in ONE DAY and millions in the month of December alone! Just imagine what we will do in the next four years.
We plan to grow from a $50 million company, to over $1 billion.  How would you like a share of that?