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It’s National Thank You Month – Send Out Cards To Say Thanks!

No matter how you say it……”Thank You” can never be expressed too much.  Do we really need a month devoted to telling us this?  All successful business owners know appreciation is the foundation for  customer loyalty.  I think now, more than ever, people really appreciate receiving a physical greeting card in their mailbox, not inbox.  You will certainly stand out amongst your competitors!  Why, because hardly anybody does this!  In honor of this month,  I’m offering 25 Free Thank you cards with every account. Continue reading

Who Dosen’t Love Mrs. Field’s Cookies?

Receiving a greeting card is special but add some cookies and you could have a new best friend.

There are times when you want to send more than just a card.  We make it easy for you to send out cards and gifts at the same time.  Whether you want to include a small token of appreciation with a $5 Starbucks card or go all out and include a $50 gift card to their favorite restaurant, our choices are endless. Continue reading

A Greeting Card App ? …. We’ve Got That !

And have had it for about 2 years now.  The difference’s between our’s and Apple’s are significant !

We’ve got thousands of cards to choose from

You can write it in your own handwriting and signature

               – upload multiple photos

               – choose from postcards, 2 panel, 3 panel and even 8X11 sizes

               – send to multiple recipients at the same time

               – upload all of your contacts and put them in groups

               – select a gift to send with your card from our extensive gift catalog

               – upload a video

               – receive email reminders of special occassions

Best of all,  our cost is as little as .62 a card

Go here to download the app now