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Hi, We are Cynthia and Sandra Kelsey!

If you’re looking for more information about Cynthia and Sandra (that’s us!) and this site, then look no further. Find out how we use sending cards to gain customer loyalty and touch people’s hearts.

We’re from Texas, moved to Pensacola, Florida, but these days, Sandra has moved back to Texas and Cynthia remains in what she calls “Paradise”. Over the years, we’ve worked in a number of “relationship-dependent” industries, including being Restaurant Owners, Accountants, Real Estate Investor and Marketing Director for a Golf Course.

We are sisters that have grown up with an entrepreneurial spirit, starting out with lemonade stands and door to door sales as children. The experiences we have had starting and selling successful businesses has helped us in creating our new venture. We are passionate about creating businesses that have multiple streams of income and helping other entrepreneurs, network marketers and internet marketers achieve the same thing. Helping individuals brand themselves so they are truly self-employed is our other passion. We teach marketing on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and on improving communication skills and recruiting skills.

Sending Out Greeting Cards – a Service that Fills a Huge Need!

The most important one being, appreciation. I knew this service could show businesses how to successfully express appreciation to their existing customers and clients on an ongoing basis, conveniently and inexpensively.

In fact, the company I work with makes it super easy to gain customer loyalty almost overnight…

Business 101 - Fill a Need in the Marketplace

Here’s How I Started ‘Gain Customer Loyalty’:

Printable Greeting Cards Gain Customer Loyalty and Touches Hearts

Printable Greeting Cards Gain Customer Loyalty and Touches Hearts