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This is where sending cards stories and other small business success stories related to sending printable greeting cards can be shared.

“I am the CEO of Specialty Engraving, a $3.8 million dollar awards company in Wilmington, NC. We started using the Card system in June 2007, and have sent over 33,000 cards to our 7,700 clients, and the results have been phenomenal! We created two cards to help people stay up to date on their awards programs, and since beginning to send them we have generated $1,000,532 in sales (through 12/08). To say I’m pleased with the decision to use this awesome program is an understatement!”David Long, President/CEO Specialty Engraving

Sending Cards Success StoriesA Long Term Friendship
“Mary and I have been friends for many years and worked in the same business for some of them, in fact, that’s how we met.  Mary called me from an ad I was running because she was looking to connect with others in the business. What I have discovered over the years is that connections, true personal connections, are the key to building a strong foundation in business. When Mary told me about this incredible service and how “sending out cards” has never been easier I was amazed! I knew this was the answer to keeping in touch and expressing appreciation to my customers. ” …
Connie Harding, Silpada Designs Representative

Sending Cards Success StoriesPersonalized Mother's Day CardSending Cards Success Stories

When Donna Met Mary…

by Donna Garrison

“OK, folks, hang on because this is long over due and I tend to ramble on… I met Mary McCamphill about 3 years ago when she popped into my school where I was studying massage therapy. I may have massaged her twice when a conversation came up about my son’s upcoming high school graduation.

 I asked her advice on sending out invitations. Mind you, at that time I had no idea what she did for a living. I just thought she looked like an experienced lady who most likely been there, done that!

 Well, my dilemma was I couldn’t find the card I wanted at a price I could afford. I wanted to invite about 75 people and it was just adding up to be more than I thought. Imagine my excitement when she explained that I could create my own card with his picture on the front, and send it to all without going to the post office!

 Mary told me about her business and offered to walk me through each step. It turned out fantastic with a poem to boot!

 Now, after that excitement settled down, I was preparing to graduate from massage school and start my own business. Mary was there once again to HOLD my hand and teach me how to incorporate “Send Out Cards” for my own business.

 It has been a life saver! I use it for my client database. As of now, I have over 275 clients, and they are all stored there in my card account. And, if God forbid, my computer ever crashes, nothing is lost!

 I get reminders on birthdays and anniversaries and the cards go out pretty much automatically with a reminder of course! My massage practice is a success because of my persistence and Mary McCamphill!”

Sending Cards Success Stories

I am the VP of Sales for DXP, an Industrial Distributor, here in Houston, Texas. We are a $500 million dollar distributor with 1900 employees. I have used this card sending system for close to 14 months and have sent over 4000+ cards to my customers, prospects, and vendors. I have offered this card sending system to my sales people to use to connect to their customers and create the competitive edge.

In April of 2008, I launched a new division and began a series of marketing promotions to a defined database of customers. Each month I would send either a postcard, greeting card or tri-fold; featuring product promotions, company updates, etc. This was especially useful right after Hurricane Ike.

I have had people call and thank me for a card I sent, I have had customers and prospects post the cards on their cubicle walls because the photo was powerful. I have had my sales professionals who are using this card sending system tell me THEY have had calls and emails thanking them for the special card.

As a VP of Sales, I recommend this card sending system to all my friends and NONE of my competitors. This is my competitive edge in the market place. Acting on an inward prompting and an outward prompting is powerful and selfless. Powerful as a tool to set yourself apart; selfless in the act of giving to give. To your success”… Curt Tueffert, VP Sales – DXP Enterprises

Sending Cards Success Stories

Prior to discovering this card sending system, we rarely showed our customers appreciation or sent out handwritten greeting cards. We immediately dove head-first into the system and in less than 12 months created a “by-referral-only” business with our insurance practice!

We’ve estimated that we’ve saved over $50,000 in the last 2 years by canceling other fruitless marketing campaigns. For the first time: we have people calling US to write their insurance! Your card sending system is a Godsend!”… Josh & Rachel Jackson, Farmers Insurance Group, Chandler, AZ