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Sending Out Personal Greeting CardsMake Someone’s Day ! – Send A Greeting Card

In today’s fast paced world we sometimes forget the “special touches” like putting a smile on someone’s face when they go to their mailbox and find a personalized greeting card. Sending a greeting card lets the recipient know that they are being thought of.

You no longer need to drive to the store and thumb through racks of cards.  We bring the card store to you.  Now you can select from our card catalog of over 25,000 cards in every category or create your own greeting card in a matter of minutes.  With just a few clicks of your mouse you can add photos, special fonts and text, frames and so much more.  You can even include a gift or gift card from our extensive gift catalog. You click send and we do all the rest- print it,  stamp it and mail it.

Our Reminder system will never let you forget another occasion.  You can program your cards to go out whenever you want.  You can even send the same card to as many recipients as you want with one click.

Life is about living in the moment.  We’ve all had the urge to reach out and touch someone.  Who comes to mind? Use the form on the right to send a free card now.

Send A Gift & Make Someone Feel Special! Send a Gift Card

Send a Gift of Books with Your Greeting CardIncluding a gift is easy to do and the selection is extensive from books to goodies to gift cards.Send a Gift with Your Greeting Card