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Our Card Catalog has Thousands of Greeting Cards to Choose From

A greeting card in the mailbox will not only bring pleasure to the receiver… it will also help forge bonds and cement emotional relationships with the people you care about.

I’m not just talking about sending cards to friends and family, though they should certainly be included. But imagine how delighted your child’s teacher will be to get a note of recognition for all his or her hard work in working with your child?

Or how about sending a card to recognize the excellent customer service you received from a local business? Or maybe you’ll want to recognize a special milestone.

Personal greeting cards not only help you connect with the people in your life… they also help you put emotions into words, create tangible mementos of special experiences, bypass communication gaps, provide comfort and make someone feel special.

Every Card Can Be a Customized “Masterpiece”

You can completely customize every card you send, with handwriting fonts (including one to match your own), pictures, messages, and more.

You can even enclose a gift check or gift card with your personal greeting card… all from the comfort and convenience of your computer!

A Tip for Job Seekers

Here’s a tip for job seekers… use greeting cards to help you get a job. Print your resume inside a greeting card and send it out to people you’d like to network with. Or, send a card after a job interview to thank your interviewer and emphasize your interest in the job. They’re sure to be impressed with your personal touch

Greeting Cards Can Be Sent for Every Reason

  • To thank someone
  • To congratulate a loved one
  • To offer support in trying times
  • Or just to say “I’m thinking of you