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The Gratitude Challenge – SendOutCards For 30 Days

The gratitude challenge is not only good for the soul – it’s good for business !  For the next 30 days think of the first person that comes to mind who you are thankful for and send them a card of thanks & appreciation. It can be personal or business related.  Once you start thinking about it you’ll be amazed at those who come to mind.   By day 30 you will begin to see results if done with sincerity from the heart and not purely for profit.  Appreciation wins over self promotion hands down.  We’ve even got a form to help you keep track.


You can set up your account by clicking below


by choosing the $31.00 monthly option you’ll receive 50 cards every month.  You’ll need to enter the #5976 to sign up. Continue reading

A Greeting Card App ? …. We’ve Got That !

And have had it for about 2 years now.  The difference’s between our’s and Apple’s are significant !

We’ve got thousands of cards to choose from

You can write it in your own handwriting and signature

               – upload multiple photos

               – choose from postcards, 2 panel, 3 panel and even 8X11 sizes

               – send to multiple recipients at the same time

               – upload all of your contacts and put them in groups

               – select a gift to send with your card from our extensive gift catalog

               – upload a video

               – receive email reminders of special occassions

Best of all,  our cost is as little as .62 a card

Go here to download the app now


Happy Halloween Cards

Halloween greetings can be a nice change  from Thanksgiving cards.   Not many businesses are sending out cards for this holiday so your’s is sure to stand out.  You could have alot of fun with this.

custom greeting card for businesses

halloween business customer card


If you’re planning a Halloween party for adults or children we’ve got a great selection of cards & invitations.  No need to go running out to the store – just pick & click.  Upload your names, write in the information, click send and you’re done! Continue reading

Customer Retention is even more important than new customers

Customer Retention is key!

Retaining current satisfied  customers is crucial.  After all,  this is your best source of referrals.  More referrals come from satisfied customers than anyone else.   Becoming the first name to come to mind when someone is in need of your product or service is priceless and with a good follow up customer retention program in place it can be easily accomplished.

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