Getting Started

There Are Three Ways To Get Started With This Incredible Service

Sending Out Cards Wholesale Package#1 – Start with our Wholesale Package.

This is our best value and allows you to purchase at the lowest price.  A greeting card costs .62 and a postcard costs .31 plus postage.

You can add our Entrepreneur package for an additional $59.  This will allow you to earn commissions on your purchases as well as anyone who purchases the service through your recommendation.

Believe me, when you start sending out personalized cards with photos people will ask you.  How did you do that?

#2 – Start with our Retail Option.Sending Out Cards Retail Package|

Retail Options:

#1-  Pay as you go
Cards cost $1.98

#2-  Monthly subscription of  $9.80
Cards cost 49¢

Both retail options come with our contact manager which allows you to upload all of your contacts.  You can add birthdays, anniversaries, any special dates.  Our reminder system will never let you forget again.

You will also have access to all of our gifts to send with your card.

Sending Out CardsWe-Do-It-All Package #3 – Start with our We Do It For You” Option.

The third way is our  option.

With our “We do it for you” package, we will set up and send all of your cards and gifts for you.

You select one of the packages above and we do the rest.

Contact Me To Learn More

To discuss all the details of this Do-It-For-You card marketing process, please fill in the contact form (on the right) or feel free to give me a call at 850-723-2662. I’ll be happy to go over all the details of what I do for you and the benefits of card marketing.

Earn Commissions when People Send Greeting Cards