A Realtor’s Dream Come True For Sending Out Cards

Sending Customized Greeting Cards Works Wonders For Generating Referrals


To be successful in Real Estate you need listings and referrals.  We can help you get both.  In today’s market you need to stand out.  I get flyers and postcards all the time from Realtors.   They all look the same – Postcards with bulk mail stamps and  pictures of them- BORING.   Here are just a few ways many of our Realtor clients use our customized card service to send out cards.

•    Welcome to your new home with a picture of the family in front.  Offer to send it to friends and family.
•    Thank you for your business with a $50 Hone Depot gift card.
•    Introduction to neighborhood businesses.  This is something they will hang on to !
•    Events in the area.  Again, something they will hang on to.
•    Time to change the clock (back) (forward)
•    Holidays
•    Birthdays
•    Anniversary of their home.
•    Graduation Cards
•    The possibilities are unlimited!

You’re sure to be the first person to come to mind when they or someone they know is in need of your service.  Building a successful business based on referrals begs for a  greeting card system like this to make it happen.

I’d love to help you get started!  I have a campaign of customized cards specifically set up for Realtors at no extra charge.  Fill out the  form today and your campaign will go out tomorrow.

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